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  • From Angus Macdonald

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    Skylights for Word is a key CALUMO feature that allows you to embed connected reports, figures, and tables directly into your Word documents. Monthly reports can be…
  • From Angus Macdonald

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    Skylights allows you to embed live CALUMO reports as dynamic images, meaning your word and PowerPoint documents can display key information that’s connected…

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    Find out what it is like to be under the NDIS through the eyes of Able Australia's CEO, Kate MacRae. Kate highlights what Able Australia is about, adjusting to the…
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    Learn how your peers complete a corporate forecast within a day or less. This webinar will teach you the top 5 hacks that your peers are using right now to get their…
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    Magic Views (or “Drill to View”) is one of CALUMO’s most-loved product features and a trick that every FP&A professional should have up their…